Fiduciary management

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are happy to guide you in coordinating the overall management of your assets. In this way, your total portfolio will receive the attention it deserves and you will have a firm grip on the value of your overall portfolio. The following issues are relevant:

Fiduciary management

B.A. van Doorn, experts in indepent asset management.

Strategic thinking

We create an overview of your financial situation and develop a strategic plan for the total portfolio, depending on your goals and risk attitude.

Determine the investment framework

Investment goals, principles and specific wishes are formulated and the overall risk profile is determined.

Manager selection

Selection procedures, contract negotiations and implementation are relevant.

Continuous monitoring

We monitor the portfolio continuously on all relevant characteristics and review the performance of the selected asset managers.

Customized reporting

You will receive (consolidated) reports tailored to your specific needs.

Periodic evaluation

The performance of the portfolio is evaluated and our findings are discussed periodically with you.

How will B.A. van Doorn start working for you?

Fiduciary management at B.A. van Doorn always starts with personal meetings. It is important for you to determine whether we are the fiduciary manager you are looking for and with whom you feel comfortable. It is important to determine whether our services match with your requirements. Based on our introductory meeting and other information provided, we will work out a proposal for you.

You are obviously welcome at our office for an introductory meeting. We are also more than happy to visit you at your home or office. 

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