Second opinion

Do you ever wonder whether your asset manager is just as alert as during the first meeting? Experience shows that this introduction always goes very smoothly. The forecasted returns are appealing. One concern less - it seems - but is your current manager properly critically evaluated over time?

Second opinion

Our second opinion shows how your assets are really managed.


Do you ever ask yourself the following questions ...?

  • Are all arrangements still relevant?
  • Should I be satisfied with the achieved results?
  • What are the risks associated with my investments?
  • Are there better alternatives available for the in house funds the manager uses?
  • Is there a better way to structure the investment management of my portfolio?
  • Are the current overall costs in line with current market rates?


If you ask yourself these questions, B.A. van Doorn is the right place for a second opinion. We are happy to help you to form an objective and substantiated judgment about the performance of your current asset manager(s). We help you to optimize the setup of your investment portfolio.

How will B.A. van Doorn start working for you?

A second opinion from B.A. van Doorn always starts with a personal meeting. It is important for you to determine whether we are the right company to analyze your current arrangements. It is important to decide whether our services match with your requirements. Based on our introductory meeting and other information provided, we will deliver a second opinion on your current portfolio.

You are obviously welcome at our office for an introductory meeting. We are also more than happy to visit you at your home or office. 

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